As an entrepreneur or investor in agricultural sector you aspire to quality, safety and high productivity in food production. This may be achieved by growing products in the greenhouse. When investing in a new greenhouse project you choose a partner who is like you  success-oriented. Hortilife, in this case, is just an ideal partner.


Hortilife supplies “turn key” greenhouse with the use of Dutch producers know-how. We work with leading Dutch suppliers and research centers. We do business in Eastern Europe in the agricultural sector since 1994 and thus we have gained extensive experience in the Eastern European market. We speak your language. Our head office is in the Netherlands and offices of our representatives and partners  are in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan and the Baltic countries.

Address Hortilife

Hortilife B.V.
van der Landeweg 15
The Netherlands

Email: info@hortilife.com


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